To inquire on booking a session or event,  please use the Contact Form above to contact me or give me a call (323) 985-8593. Prices vary depending on your unique needs but I do have a price-list I link to when requested. 

Finding a photographer that connects with you is so valuable in bringing out the best in pictures. I love my clients and find myself with new friends all the time. It warms my soul to connect with others and bring memories that will last generations. 

~I love portraits because it allows me to find out who you are through the lens.

~I love families because I get a chance to become part of a dynamic and bring images to the world that allows others to smile about.

~I'm slowly jumping into doing more weddings so I can capture love stories and be apart of that positive journey.

~I have so much fun shooting events of all kinds because I can interact with so many unique individuals.

Here's a little more information about my background:

I have worked in Film and Radio for over 18 years. I started as a Production Assistant on major sets and eventually moved up to script supervisor. From there the roles of producing, directing, editing and camera operator followed. Currently I wear many hats and I love every hat I wear. I’m one of those that thrive on being busy. I’m blessed and excited to be the podcast producer and writer for Photofocus.com. We were recently named the #1 photography blog in the world.  I tech edit books on Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator & Motion. I’m co-host for the podcast on planet5D. My "day" job is working for SmugMug.com as a Support Hero.

 I look forward to a future teaching and authoring books about photography and film production. My love will always be behind the camera whether it is doing photography or video.

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