What to wear - Landscape & Portrait Photographer

Congratulations! You've booked a family portrait shoot. Now, what do you wear?

The most important part of any shoot is personalty and being comfortable. If it's not YOU and who or what YOUR family represents, then don't wear it.

I prefer to avoid stripes, poke-a-dots and anything too busy. Avoid super bright colors. The reason is it distracts from the faces. Family is about seeing the people, not the clothes. However, I do encourage you wear some clothes. :D

You can certainly match and I encourage you to coordinate clothes. Use accessories like scarfs and simple jewelry to coordinate styles and colors.

Be creative! Be fun! and most importantly be YOU!

Makeup should be kept simple. Glittery makeup usually doesn't show well on camera. Don't worry too much about acme or blemishes. Those are easy to take care of in edits.

Of course, if you are concerned and have questions about wardrobe or anything else, please call me.

Let's have fun and tell your story. I look forward to our shoot.

I did an impromptu photo shoot of my own kids. I didn't follow my own guidelines and I still ended up printing the photos of my own children because it's not about the clothes. It's about the memories and what we are as a family.

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